Kristina by August Strindberg Directed by Whitney Aronson


"Ivette Dumeng who plays this glorious King/ Queen has the magic that captures the reason we see theater live. Acting is about body movement and carriage ... Ms. Dumeng was vivacious, portraying every aspect as this monarch who knew how to rule and then get out. " - Times Square Chronicles ​

"Ivette Dumeng inhabits the heroine Kristina with aplomb.  Dumeng undertakes this demanding role, and without overplaying it, exudes zest and intelligence.  She portrays the historical figure’s confidence and misgivings alike.  In short, she makes her very, very human.-- Theater Scene

"As the free-spirited queen, Ivette Dumeng captures both the arrogance and the vulnerability of a woman who has a towering responsibility that she might not really want." -- Theatre is Easy "Ivette Dumeng makes a wonderful Kristina who is attractive, intelligent and behaves like a teenager who throws a wild party when her parents leave town." -- Front Row Center

Half Moon Bay by John Jiler Directed by Margarett Perry


Dumeng brings an odd sweetness to the part of Alicia and displays control of her craft on stage" - Theatre Is Easy

​"I’ve previously seen Ms. Dumeng’s work in Miss Julie and Kristina presented by The August Strindberg Repertory Theatre.  She was strong and stunning in those roles. Here, she’s demure, careful and innocent, even as she portrays again the very dangerous dionysian role." - Front Row Center

​"Dumeng is the perfect mix of purity and puzzlement."- Theatre Scene​

"Ivette Dumeng as the strange and childlike Alicia is a powerful presence here. Her choices often don't make sense at first but she draws you in to believe them, and she makes you want to be on her side. She also moves from extreme emotions expertly and make you long for someone to understand her, not try and mold her to what they need." - The Artswire Weekly

"Ivette Dumeng so successfully conveyed Alicia’s strangeness with a combination of ordinariness and insane disconnection that she seemed real, as if one encountered her on the subway—or waiting on tables in a restaurant." - New York Arts

"Ivette Dumeng does admirable work" -  New York Theatre Review

The Chaplin Plays: A Double Feature by Don Nigro Directed by Lori Kee


"One of those theatrical events that will leave you beyond satisfied. This was a team effort but Dumeng deserves a little bit of extra love. It’s a performance that’s bound to be discussed" -- 

Theatre In The Now

Something happens when Ivette Dumeng inhabitants Chaplin. It’s more than a imitation of greatness. She actually conjures his magic and brings along some extra magic of her own. This show has grace. It is poignant. It will charm. And it will make you laugh. Go. -- John Patrick Shanley

“The Chaplin Plays” is an amazing experience. It’s a must see for anyone. I would urge the readers to go watch this play.  - Hi Drama

The Big Funk by John Patrick Shanley Directed by Lori Kee


"Ivette Dumeng gives a powerful portrait of a woman in crisis. Her performance is delicate, truthful, and raw, and she encompasses all of it, often with just a fading look." - The Artswire Weekly

The Real Machiavelli by Monica Bauer Directed by Cheryl King


​"a well-oiled and sublimely talented cast provide an evening of pure entertainment."

"The only character that is truly enrapturing is Ivette Dumeng’s Francesca. She is the “light” of the play and the actress’ natural “it” factor manages to humanize a character over-sexually written." - NY Theatre Guide

The Real Damascus 2 by August Strindberg. Adapted by Ed Chisolm; Directed by Robert Greer


"Ivette Dumeng, is a clear standout in the company, harnessing her rich voice to show the sometimes erratic Lady’s tenderness amidst the chaos of which she is often the cause." - Theatre Pizzaz

"Actress Ivette Dumeng, who was a seductive, petulant Julie in the company’s production of “Miss Julie”, is wonderfully witchy as she cycles between scorn and affection for her tortured black intellectual mate known as The Stranger. " -